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Sparing the Guilt about Moving Your Loved One into Assisted Living or Memory Care Many of you know, Mom inspired me to bring Fit Minds to the US. Mom had […]
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Grandchildren and Dementia When my daughter was born on September 26, Mom spent the next six weeks with me, cooking dinner, doing laundry and caring for my daughter, Lindsay. I had a […]
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As We Age, We Think of Our Legacy. What Have We Left Behind? When I was a child, Mom used to say to me that someday she would love for a building to be […]
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My Sweet Julie Fit Minds is impacting so many more seniors and families now that I no longer have the personal capacity to coach. But one of my first clients passed last month. I, like […]
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Mom made it to three of her seven grandchildren’s weddings. Mom’s third oldest grandchild, Stephanie, was going to be married. I brought Mom to Nordstrom to buy a dress. Mom said she shouldn’t spend the money. In my heart, […]
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