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Frustration While Dealing With A Loved One With Dementia When Mom first started declining, I was scared, and that fear manifested itself into anger. Many of the families of my clients admit that they […]
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Uncertainty or anxiety about the future can cause your loved one to hoard items that give them comfort or are connected to memories. If the behavior is not particularly troublesome or unsafe – ignore […]
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As dementia settles in, the person you love will typically get frustrated and struggle with the effects of the disease and their ability to manage it. They begin to realize that […]
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Holidays and Dementia I underestimated how hard the holidays can be.   Even the best of us cannot help but remember how our loved one ‘used to be’. And, if they […]
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Why Are We Ashamed to Exercise Our Minds? Why are we ashamed to exercise our minds?  We are proud to tell people we work out, eat healthy, or ran a […]
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