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Brain & Cognitive Exercises for Seniors


Is Fit Minds right for you?

Fit Minds benefits everyone!

As we age, exercising our minds is as important as exercising our bodies. Our brains begin shrinking at age 30. Even those of us without a dementia diagnosis are being impacted by a shrinking hippocampus which governs planning and judgement. Our short-term memories are also being compromised as we age. Mental stimulation matters and can enable us to build cognitive resilience and improve our quality of life.

Fit Minds has a ten-year track record as the premier cognitive stimulation therapy for seniors like you! Our group and one-on-one programs effectively support a range of cognitive abilities, from independent seniors, to those with mild, moderate, or even advanced dementia.

The goal is to maintain cognitive resilience, keep learning new and complex content, and our programs are delivered in either a group or private setting on an individual basis. In both cases, a Fit Minds certified coach or senior living professional meaningfully engages you with cognitive exercises and mental stimulation.

If you are considering a move into a senior living community, ask them if they offer a cognitive stimulation program. Look on our website to see communities that recognize the impact of brain and cognitive exercises and partner with Fit Minds.

I do crossword puzzles and Suduko. Isn’t that enough? Why Seek Fit Minds?

Research shows the importance of cognitive exercises that target five key areas of cognition. Research also supports the importance of human interaction. While doing cognitive exercises like puzzles and Sudoko engages your mind, you are not learning new and complex material. And, you are doing the activity in isolation when research confirms the need for meaningful human interaction as we age.

What Happens in a 1-on-1 Private Session – Personal Trainer for the Mind ™?

The Fit Minds Personal Trainer for the Mind ™ program is a privately delivered, personalized, cognitive stimulation therapy program for you, regardless of your  ability. Cognitive exercises are customized to respond to your interests and your abilities as you progress through the program.

The Fit Minds algorithm creates a lesson plan of engaging cognitive exercises which is printed and prepared by the Certified Fit Minds Coach for completion by you during the session. Monthly assessment reports on cognition and engagement are provided to your family and your wellness staff.

Through the program, Fit Mind’s Certified Coaches develop deep, personal relationships with you and your family!

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