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Certified Cognitive Stimulation Coaches in Florida

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Florida Coaches

Peg Macaluso

Vivian Kantrow

Evangelia Maragouthakis

Fern Randelman

Diane Hunter

Jacob Vogel

Walter Laws

Karen Jones-Ogbeifun

Linda Wathen

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What Our Coaches Are Saying

Peg Macaluso
Congrats, Peg Macaluso, promoted to Fit Minds' Lead Coach!

Susan Nelson
Meet Certified Cognitive Coach, Susan Nelson

Kaffie Wilcoxon
Meet Certified Cognitive coach, Kaffie Wilcoxon

Stephanie Bair
Meet certified cognitive coach Stephanie Bair

Independent Coaches

United States


Gina Germany, Touching Hearts

Sherry Marks, Touching Hearts


Gayane Agazaryan, Hollywood Healthy Living

Adebimpe Ekundare


Kris Cosgrove, CT Dementia Help


Julie Johnson, Cognitive Care of North Georgia

Fini Shell, Keep In Mind


Jeanne Hartnett


Julie Altschul

Diane Beri

Wendy Briggs


Ashley English


Arielle Gainsburg Meyer, YA Partners USA, LLC

Joseph Acosta, YA Partners USA, LLC

Ann Huysmans, YA Partners USA, LLC

New York

Judith Rabig, Lifespace Senior Services


Elizabeth Saunders

Puerto Rico

Lillian Diaz

Southern Illinios

Amy Stevens, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy of Southern Illinois


Jen Dowda, Dowda Senior Consultants

Torie Pendleton, BeYond the Bend, LLC

Dr. Jeremy S. Leach, Ph.D., MBA, CCTP, ALFA, BCCS

Alison Wilson

West Virginia

Dr. Jeremy S. Leach, Ph.D., MBA, CCTP, ALFA, BCCS


Island of Curacao

Ninoushka (Nina) Philip-Balentin

South Africa

Arielle Gainsburg Meyer, YA Partners Group International

Jamie-Lee Robertson, YA Partners Group International

Yvonne Prinsloo, PhD, YA Partners Group International

Heather Liebenberg, YA Partners Group International

Theresa Roux, YA Partners Group International

Colleen Venter, YA Partners Group International

United Kingdom

Colleen Venter, YA Partners Group International

“Both Independent living and Assisted living residents have benefited from the FitMinds Group Sessions. It is amazing to see how engaged they are and how each one progressively tackles more complex activities. What a privilege it is work with individuals and families who value their brain fitness health.” – Christel

cognitive stimulation therapy one on one
cognitive stimulation therapy one on one

“Fit Minds is committed to ensuring that we, as coaches, are continuously prepared to successfully provide the highest-level stimulation coaching for our seniors. Starting with the online certification program, progressing into hands-on training and continuing with timely personal support when needed, we have the tools to achieve results for our clients and their families.” – Susan

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