Cognitive Stimulation Activity Kits

What’s Included in a Cognitive Stimulation Activity Kit?

  • A full kit of manipulatives that exercise the five key areas of cognition:
    • Language and Music
    • Visual/Spatial Orientation
    • Memory
    • Critical Thinking
    • Computation
  • 4 sets of customized cards (with timeline, anagram, event sequencing and association)
  • 15 navigation/game boards
  • Fit Minds Orange Tote Bag

Cost: $175

What is Fit Minds?

Fit Minds provides mental stimulation, in group and individualized programs for seniors and senior living communities. For the past eight years, our unique offerings have effectively supported a wide range of cognitive abilities, from independent seniors to those challenged with Alzheimer’s and other types of mild, moderate and advanced dementia.

During this time of chaos, we still want to be a constant for seniors suffering from dementia. It is our mission to provide easy to use cognitive activities in a time where your loved ones need it more than ever.

Our kits allow you to offer your loved one mental fitness programming designed to engage people with different levels of memory loss and dementia. Research shows that cognitive stimulation therapy improves quality of life and may help slow the loss of cognitive function in people with dementia.

The 5 Key Areas of Cognition

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