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Mental Stimulation and Meaningful Engagement for Seniors and Senior Living Communities

Why Cognitive Training?


When it comes to aging, it’s no longer about simply living longer. We want to live happier and healthier as well. In a word, we want to live better. A physically strong, adaptable body is an essential aspect of health, but mental sharpness and flexibility matter, too. Here are some of the many benefits to cognitive stimulation and training:

  • Mental stimulation can help maintain and potentially improve cognitive ability as people age.

  • Cognitive stimulation therapy may reduce the risk of developing dementia.

  • Cognitive training prevents a meaningful decrease in cognitive performance that comes with retirement due to a lack of engagement in cognitively complex tasks.

  • Ongoing, frequent cognitive training prevents further decline in mental stimulation due to conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Why Choose Fit Minds?


Fit Minds’ vision is to give unprecedented support to seniors to be all they can be. We provide group and individual customized cognitive stimulation therapy to improve quality of life and enable meaningful relationships with family and friends.

  • Coaches Who Care

    Mentors, motivators & advocates… all coaches are certified and develop meaningful relationships with client and family members.

  • Personal & Adaptable

    Cognitive exercises customized to senior’s level of cognition.

  • Cost Friendly

    Buy sessions in bundles to make it even more cost friendly!

  • Results

    Monthly reporting and feedback on senior’s cognitive abilities and engagement.

5 Areas of Cognition


Fit Minds’ Individual and Group Cognitive Stimulation Programs

One-on-One Stimulation Coaching — In need of a Stimulation Coaching Program that is designed for Individuals?

A certified Fit Minds Personal Trainer for the Mind™ meets regularly with your loved one. Our proprietary platform and algorithm allow the coach to customize each session to the person’s cognitive abilities in each of the five key areas. Periodic assessments ensure the content is challenging without being frustrating. The coach also tracks and reports on your loved one’s progress and engagement every month. Just as important, the one-on-one relationship provides your loved one with a personal, supportive connection. This is a great option for a family member, whether the person lives independently or is already dealing with some cognitive issues.

Large Group Premier Sessions — Looking for a Stimulation Coaching program designed for senior living communities?

Our certified Fit Minds coaches lead group sessions which deliver content designed for independent seniors or those in assisted living or memory care communities. The one-hour presentation covers cognitive stimulation exercises integrated with information on brain health and aging well. The sessions are designed to benefit seniors without any cognitive issues, as well as those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Community Subscriptions — Want to lead Fit Minds group programs on your own?

We offer turn-key options that prepare your community’s staff to teach lessons covering five areas of cognition for optimal brain health. Our online training and personal support equips your staff to offer the programming.

Interesting in Becoming a Certified Fit Minds Coach?

Are you interested in becoming a Fit Minds coach? We welcome individuals who are interested in being certified as Fit Minds coaches. With our certification, you can work with individuals or senior living communities.

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