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Former U.S. Generals Murthy and Carmona on Cognitive Stimulation and Loneliness When I met former Surgeon General Richard Carmona last fall, he agreed in front of an audience of hundreds […]
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COVID-19 and Mom – How She Inspired Virtual Cognitive Coaching   Mom passed more than two years ago. The cycle of grief always washes over me more when Mother’s Day […]
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Fit Minds’ President & CEO Featured in Tampa Bay Business & Wealth ASK THE EXPERTS | HEALTHCARE What Experience Taught Me About Chronic Disease Chronic disease is on the rise […]
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The Importance of Time Comic book writer and designer Will Eisner created the character “The Spirit,” who is known for saying, “Time is the most precious thing in the world.” […]
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Close to 1.3 million Americans are currently living with Lewy Body Dementia.   If you suspect that someone you care about (or you yourself) has this disease, it’s important for […]
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