Independent Living Seniors Use Fit Minds Programming to Lead Cognitive Stimulation

Bob is an MIT graduate. Bruce was a professor at University of South Florida. Both chose to live in Royal Palms Independent Living in Largo, a lovely community with vibrant seniors who have sought to enjoy the benefits of senior living apartments. 

The Palms of Largo is a leader in programming for active seniors. Bob and Bruce asked to be trained to lead Fit Minds sessions once a week for their neighbors. Each week they download unique and interesting new Fit Minds content that exercises five parts of the brain. They take time to prepare and then they deliver the session. 

My colleagues and I observed a session last week so that we could offer constructive feedback. It was hard to find any. The session was magical! Bob’s neighbors were extremely engaged and Bob looked appropriately proud to have this leadership role.  We could tell the level of preparation he had put into this. 

Congrats to Royal Palms of Largo – the first property Fit Minds has worked with where volunteer residents were trained to lead group sessions! 

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