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Mental Stimulation Programs for Senior Living Communities


Fit Minds Provides Your Community with the Following:

Customized Brain Exercises

Group brain exercises, activities and materials covering five key areas of cognition that support senior brain health.

Large Group Exercises Lead by Certified Professionals

Monthly or bi-monthly large group brain exercises led by certified Fit Minds professionals. An hour of cognitive exercises integrated with information about the brain and aging well.

Progress Reporting

Brain exercises include embedded assessments to track progress. Monthly reports are generated for the client, family members and health care professionals.

Bi-weekly mental stimulation activities

Led by your professional program or Alzheimer care staff who access Fit Minds’ turn-key lesson plans online and deliver the content to groups of residents.

Personal Trainer for the Mind TM

One-on-one cognitive coaching for families and seniors in independent, assisted or memory care communities who elect a private-pay customized mental stimulation program with monthly reporting.

How Fit Minds Supports Senior Living Communities:

Expands your health strategy to include a holistic approach to brain health​

Supports your strategy to reduce depression, isolation and anxiety within your community

Empowers your activity professionals to deliver an interesting and novel mental stimulation program for brain health

Reduces stress on Wellness staff and caregivers, by providing another meaningful relationship to support individuals diagnosed with dementia or other cognitive impairment

Our large group sessions led by Fit Minds Certified coaches allow you to:

  • Rely on dependable, professional colleagues who can successfully engage your residents, whether IL, AL, MC
  • Draw residents from their rooms for social interaction and mental stimulation
  • Fit Minds brings fresh faces and novel content for exciting large group sessions

Turnkey lesson plans allow you to:

    • Access to new content every week, delivered in a structured format so it’s easy for you prepare for sessions
    • Prep time of 5-10 minutes enables you to engage residents in fun, interactive, novel activities for 45-60 minutes
    • Leverage a new network of colleagues as Fit Minds Certified coaches know your residents and build great rapport with community professionals

Be a Leader in Offering Mental Stimulation in the US

  • Fit Minds programs are used across Canada in hundreds of senior living communities. Cognitive stimulation is widely accepted as effective in other countries around the world.
  • Our cognitive stimulation programming is designed to:​
    • Improve quality of life ​
    • Enable meaningful relationships with family and friends​ ​
    • Build cognitive resilience​​

How Many People is Fit Minds Impacting?

Fit Minds has a thirteen-year track record of supporting senior living communities through mental stimulation. Started in Canada in 2010, Fit Minds is supporting more than 25% of the country’s senior living communities. Fit Minds launched its US operations in Florida in 2017.

Contact Fit Minds today at or 813.282.8282 to learn how Fit Minds can enable your community to have best in class brain health programming.

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