Fit Minds Independent Certified Coaches

The Opportunity to Provide Mental Stimulation and Meaningful Engagement

Fit Minds Independent Coaches have the satisfaction of knowing their work matters. Fit Minds’ coaches provide cognitive stimulation programs to groups of seniors in senior living communities or one-on-one through our Personal Trainer for the Mind TM program.

Part mentor, part motivator, part advocate, Fit Minds’ independent coaches serve as the engine of change that empowers seniors to reach their greatest potential, whether they are healthy or have a dementia diagnosis or advanced Alzheimer’s.

Volumes of research validate the efficacy of cognitive stimulation. Fit Minds provides coaches unique and novel content to exercise five key areas of the brain ~ visual/spatial, working and long-term memory, computation, critical thinking and language.

We believe that dementia changes relationships, it doesn’t end them. We also believe that no matter what our cognitive state – we still care about connecting with other human beings. That is why our programs are delivered by human beings not computers.

Exceptional Online Training Coupled with Phone and Email Support

Fit Minds offers a superior online certification program that takes about 20 hours to complete.

Our team is available Monday – Friday to provide additional support via phone calls or email.

Fit Minds is a Great Partner to Independent Coaches Who Want to Build Their Own Business!

Fit Minds’ vision is to give unprecedented support to as many seniors and their families as we can. We will support you in growing the number of clients you have by:

independent cognitive coaching

Unlimited phone support M – F from 9:00 – 4:00 with a certified Fit Minds coach if you have questions as you proceed through the online training

Marketing Support: initial consult with our marketing department to determine if you would like Fit Minds to support you via our website, marketing collateral and more!

Access to our Fit Minds Personal Trainer for the Mind platform that enables you access to novel and complex cognitive content across five key areas of cognition

Monthly reporting for each of your clients so that they and their family members can monitor cognitive abilities and engagement

Join us in our mission to drown the evil of loneliness, isolation and despair in the abundant goodness of connecting and caring. Click here for a full job description

Become an Independent Cognitive Coach Certification ​Today!

At a time when people are living longer, one in three seniors now dies of Alzheimer’s. Forty percent of seniors over the age of 80 have textbook dementia. Families are struggling to find solutions to preserve quality of life for their loved one. Get Certified in 20 Hours or Less and Start Making a Difference today!

Once certified, you can then deliver the Fit Minds content via two ways:

Personal Trainer for the Mind, TM, is delivered 1-on-1

    • Cognitive exercises customized to senior’s level of cognition ​
    • Monthly subscription access to our proprietary platform to enable you to deliver unique and novel content
    • Monthly reporting and feedback on senior’s cognitive abilities and engagement​
  • Meaningful relationships with client and family members​

Group Content for Independent and Assisted Living Communities

  • Subscription content for you to deliver unique group lesson plans each month

Independent Coaches


Gina Germany, Touching Hearts

Sherry Marks, Touching Hearts


Gayane Agazaryan, Hollywood Healthy Living


Fini Shell, Keep In Mind

New York

Judith Rabig, Lifespace Senior Services

Puerto Rico

Lillian Diaz

Southern Illinios

Amy Stevens, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy of Southern Illinois

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