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Subscription Group Content — Led By Senior Living Professionals

In addition to one-on-one cognitive coaching and premier group cognitive stimulation sessions led by Fit Minds, certified cognitive coaches, we also offer subscription content designed to be delivered by your community’s program and lifestyle enrichment specialists. Our group session content and training make it easy for senior living staff to offer engaging mental fitness programming that exercise five areas of cognition:

  • Language and music
  • Visual/spatial orientation
  • Memory
  • Critical thinking
  • Computation

Our turn-key lesson plans are accessible online. Our subscription group content enables you and your staff to offer residents mental fitness programming designed to engage people with different levels of memory loss and dementia. Research shows that cognitive stimulation therapy improves quality of life and may help slow the loss of cognitive function in people with dementia.

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Group mental engagement for dementia patients can benefit your residents in numerous ways. Engaging mental fitness activities like these can also foster social relationships, enhance self-esteem, improve sleep, and help reduce anxiety and depression.

“Regular use of CST encourages individuals to higher levels of mental activity thereby reducing their risk of developing dementia.” Gates & Valenzuela, 2010

“CST can be used to stabilize or even improve the cognitive functioning of individuals suffering from mild Alzheimer’s disease.” Bottino et al, 2005; Matsuda et al 2010

Group sessions

If you care for people with memory loss or Alzheimer’s, you may already be aware of the benefits of group settings. Group content is designed for independent seniors or those in assisted living or memory care communities.

In the United Kingdom, their national health guidelines mandate group cognitive stimulation. “People with mild / moderate dementia of all types should be given the opportunity to participate in a structured group cognitive stimulation programme. This should be delivered irrespective of any anti-dementia drug received by the person with dementia.” -The UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Guideline 42

Our mental fitness subscription content is designed for a wide variety of people — independent seniors as well as those in assisted living or memory care communities.

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Fit Minds Provides Your Community With the Following:

Our subscription content, provides your activity professionals with turn-key lesson plans that offer unique content each week so that your residents are continually exposed to new content across five key areas of cognition. Fit Minds is a solution for your program specialists to provide, novel content that engages people across a wide range of cognitive abilities. Our offerings include:

  • Customized brain exercises: We provide you with weekly customized small group brain exercises, activities and materials covering five key areas of cognition. Fit Minds trains your program and activity specialists so they can easily access online content and regularly lead mental fitness sessions for your residents.

“Wonderful training – super helpful. Easy to take and implement” Megan Broadhead

cognitive stimulation therapy group session

What’s A Typical Mental Fitness Session Like?

Each program session exercises five key areas of cognition:

  • Language and music: The high-level cognitive function involved in reading, writing and communicating
  • Visual/spatial orientation: Understanding how objects relate to one’s physical body and being able to distinguish between similar objects
  • Memory: Being able to recall previously learned information
  • Critical thinking: The ability to reason and analyze
  • Computation: Simple and more advanced exercises involving numbers

This kind of group mental engagement for seniors provides the type of stimulation that is associated with better cognitive function as well as a lowered risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Interesting content makes it easy for senior living professionals to mentally engage residents in a novel, interactive way that encourages and supports them — regardless of their degree of memory loss.

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If you’re looking for engaging group brain exercises and mental fitness activity content for seniors,
Please contact us at Fit Minds. Offering your residents this kind of group mental engagement not only benefits them can but helps set your community apart from others as well by offering cognitive stimulation.

“I’ve had the opportunity to see Fit Minds programs in action from the very start, I was impressed with the difference the Fit Minds programs made in the lives of my residents when I was the general manager at Portobello Manor. I remember with one family in particular, the improvement of her memory and the ability to interact with her kids had a huge impact on the family relationships.”

– Marie-France Lalonde – Member of Provincial Parliament, Ottawa-Orléans
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