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Read & Lead Group Programming for Activity Professionals


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What is Fit Minds’ Group Programming?

During this time of chaos, we still want to be a constant in Senior Living Communities. It is our mission to provide easy to use cognitive activities in a time where your loved ones need it more than ever.

Our digital turn-key lesson plans are accessible online. Our structured content enables you and your staff to offer residents mental fitness designed to engage people with different levels of memory loss and dementia. Research shows that cognitive stimulation therapy improves quality of life and helps to slow the loss of cognitive function in people with dementia.

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    Why this program could benefit your Community:

    It provides engaging mental fitness activities that foster 1. social relationships 2. enhance self-esteem 3.  improve sleep 4. help reduce anxiety and depression

    “Regular use of CST encourages individuals to higher levels of mental activity thereby reducing their risk of developing dementia.”

    -Gates & Valenzuela, 2010

    “CST can be used to stabilize or even improve the cognitive functioning of individuals suffering from mild Alzheimer’s disease.”

    -Bottino et al, 2005; Matsuda et al 2010

    cognitive stimulation therapy group session
    cognitive stimulation therapy group session

    What’s A Typical Group Session Like?

    Interesting content makes it easy for senior living professionals to mentally engage residents in a novel, interactive way that encourages and supports them — regardless of their degree of memory loss.

    • Language and music: The high-level cognitive function involved in reading, writing and communicating
    • Visual/spatial orientation: Understanding how objects relate to one’s physical body and being able to distinguish between similar objects
    • Memory: Being able to recall previously learned information
    • Critical thinking: The ability to reason and analyze
    • Computation: Simple and more advanced exercises involving numbers

    Schedule a 15 Minute Demo

    If you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-use, structured group cognitive stimulation program for seniors, please contact us at Fit Minds. Offering your residents this kind of group mental engagement not only benefits them, but also helps set your community apart. 

    Cognitive Stimulation builds self-esteem, creates friendships and gives life purpose and meaning.

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