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Group Cognitive Stimulation Classes in Tampa


Are you an activity director or manager at an assisted living or memory care center looking for ways to engage your residents?

Fit Minds offers group cognitive stimulation activities that can help seniors maintain their cognitive function, improve self-esteem and enhance their social connections.

cognitive stimulation therapy group session

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Fit Minds staff is made up of educated individuals with professional backgrounds.

Research Shows:

Studies on cognitive function suggest that mental stimulation may help maintain and even improve cognitive ability as people grow older. With continued research, we have found people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease that the right kind of engaging challenges may help stabilize their cognitive function. As the impact of group cognitive stimulation therapy continues to be explored, more senior living communities are seeking ways to offer their residents challenging, appropriate programming that can benefit their cognitive abilities.

What do we do?

Fit Minds has created engaging, research-backed content designed for both individual seniors and to groups. We deliver signature content to independent, assisted living and memory care communities through our certified Fit Minds coaches.

The Goal

Group cognitive stimulation therapy is available to enagage you or your loved ones mind in different ways that helps to maintain brain function and may even enhance it. Think of it as exercise for your mind instead of your body.

I support two Fit Minds clients with very different levels of cognitive impairment. One client is now able to live independently while my other client requires more support and resides in a memory care facility. “

– Michele German, Florida Certified Fit Minds Coach

cognitive stimulation therapy group session

Group sessions

Our premier group sessions are not dementia group therapy; they are interactive classes designed for independent seniors, as well as those in assisted living or memory care communities. Each one-hour presentation includes exercises that target
five key areas of cognition, along with information on brain health and aging well.

Our group sessions are designed to appeal to seniors who have no cognitive issues, as well as those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Each presentation includes 60+ PowerPoint slides of engaging, stimulating content for your residents.

Your community may already have an Alzheimer’s support group, but our programs are different. They allow you to offer research-based programming directly to your residents, which benefits both them and their family members. For people with dementia, group cognitive stimulation sessions like these may be particularly helpful.

Why Choose Fit Minds?

Fit Minds designs programs to help seniors of all ability levels maintain their cognitive function. We continually develop new content and are expanding into more senior communities to reach as many people as we can. Our goal is to help seniors embrace fitter, healthier minds.

cognitive stimulation therapy group session

“My family and I are grateful to have wonderful coaches work with Mom on a weekly basis. We especially enjoy the reports that show us her engagement with various subjects and love to see how the Fit Minds staff always put a smile on her face. Thank you, Michele and Janet, for genuinely caring about Mom.”

– Christi R. Harrington, daughter of mother diagnosed with dementia

As a senior living community director, you may already offer an Alzheimer’s caregiver support group or dementia support groups for family members. Our programs are different — they help you offer engaging, stimulating activities that appeal to a wide range of residents, positively impacting their lives in the process.

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