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Cognitive Stimulation FAQs


What services does Fit Minds provide?

Cognitive Stimulation. We have 3 unique offerings:

  1. Premier Group Sessions – content deliverer to Independent, Assisted Living and Memory Care communities by certified Fit Minds Coaches.
  2. One-on-one cognitive stimulation – Personal Trainer for the Mind is delivered by a certified coach with content specific to the senior’s abilities.
  3. Subscription Group Content – turn-key lesson plans that senior community professionals can deliver to residents.

What is Cognitive Stimulation?

Cognitive Stimulation is an evidence-based, intervention that supports what research tells us about the brain’s ability to build resilience and create new neuron pathways.

Fit Minds personnel are college education people who are certified to be Fit Minds coaches. They join Fit Minds because of the meaningful opportunity to support seniors.

Who does Fit Minds help?

Everyone. Seniors, families and senior community professionals.

Mental stimulation is associated with better cognitive function and reduced risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Our Personal Trainer for the Mind one-on-one coaching and monthly reporting supports families as they embark on the journey of caring for someone who has a dementia diagnosis. Senior living professionals’ benefit from turnkey lesson plans with interesting content that enables them to mentally engage residents and have fun.

What happens in a group session?

Each session starts with a language warm up and calendar orientation, followed by unique content that covers computation, visual, spatial, critical thinking, memory and language.

Fit Minds is not offered in my state, how do I bring Fit Minds to my state?

Please feel free to email us to learn how you can bring Fit Minds to your state.

What happens in a 1-on-1 session versus a Group Session?

Personal Trainer for the mind is tailored to the individual’s cognitive abilities in the 5 key areas. Periodic assessments are built in to ensure the content is challenging, but not frustrating. Monthly reporting enables family members and wellness staff to monitor cognitive abilities and engagement levels.

What do typical lessons consist of?

Fit Minds’ lesson plans exercise five key areas of cognition with unique and novel content that is interesting and relevant to seniors.

Who uses Fit Minds?

Fit Minds is for everyone. As humans, after the age of 30 our brains naturally begin to shrink. Just like we take time to exercise our bodies, we need to take time to exercise our brains. It’s the old saying, you “use it or lose it”.

Do I need a physician's referral to participate?

No, you do not need a physician’s referral to participate.

How do I become a certified Fit Minds coach?

Please email us to learn how you can become a certified coach.

How are Fit Minds Coaches different than other caregivers?

They are college educated personnel who are certified to be Fit Minds coaches. They join Fit Minds because of the meaningful opportunity to support seniors.

Do you coach men and women?

Yes, our certified coaches coach both men and women.

Is there evidence that “it works”?

Volumes of research supports the efficacy of cognitive stimulation. Click HERE to see a list of studies.

Does insurance cover it?

Fit Minds is a private pay option. Typical insurance co-pays would cost more than what we charge individuals.

What is Virtual Personal Trainer for the Mind™

Fit Minds Personal Trainer for the Mind, is a virtual 1-on-1 session delivered by certified Fit Minds Coaches in real time. We offer these sessions via Zoom, Facebook, Chromebook, and more. Focusing on five areas of cognition, we provide an outlet for all seniors to stay sharp and confident during these challenging times. The Fit Minds algorithm creates the virtual lesson plan which is printed and prepared by the Certified Personal Trainer for the Mind™ Coach for completion by you during the session.

Please Click Here for More Research on Cognitive Stimulation.

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