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Personal Trainer for the Mind™

One-On-One Cognitive Stimulation:

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s? Trust us, you are not alone. Fit Minds offers brain stimulation therapy to not just accept these diseases, we teach you or your loved on how to fight back!


It’s one-on-one cognitive stimulation through Fit Minds’ Personal Trainer for the Mind™ program. Think of it as a personal trainer for your body. Our certified Fit Minds coaches meet regularly with seniors to provide cognitive lessons that have been customized to the person’s current abilities.

cognitive stimulation therapy one on one

5 Key Areas of Cognition that we focus on:


If you’re caring for a loved one with dementia, you are probably already looking for ways to maintain that person’s quality of life. Our Personal Trainer for the Mind™ stimulation coaching program extends beyond rote memorization tasks or doing the same games repeatedly. The program is based on research findings that validate the impact of regularly challenging people with novel content to help them maintain and even possibly improve their cognitive ability.


Fit Minds life changing mental stimulation not only impacts the senior’s life, but also the family members. Our unique offerings are designed to support and help people with a wide range of cognitive abilities — from independent seniors to those with mild, moderate or advanced dementia. It lets you take a loving approach to dementia care.

Cognitive Stimulation Research

Many studies have shown positive effects from maintaining cognitive stimulation:

  • Cognitive stimulation may help reduce the risk of developing Dementia
  • Cognitive stimulation may stabilize and possibly even improve the cognitive function of people with Alzheimer’s disease

Personal Trainer for the Mind™ Benefits:

When your loved one works with a certified PTFM™ coach, he or she receives:

  • Cognitive stimulation exercises customized to his or her current abilities
  • A meaningful, positive relationship between the loved one and his or her coach
  • Help improve quality of life
  • Family members will receive monthly reporting and feedback about the senior’s cognitive functioning and engagement

“I cried tears of joy when I saw my mom interacting with her granddaughters…This was the first time she acted like a grandma in two years.”

Cindy L., daughter of a woman diagnosed with dementia

Why Choose Fit Minds?

Want to know more about quality of life and Dementia? Are you looking to support a friend or family member who is aging or has a diagnosis of Dementia? Fit Minds understands the unique cognitive challenges seniors face and our programs are designed with the latest research in mind. Our clients typically maintain and even improve their cognitive abilities, regardless of their diagnoses. We look forward to reaching more and more seniors, helping them achieve fitter, healthier minds and happier, more satisfying lives.

To learn more about Fit Minds Personal Trainer for the Mind™ Program and how can help your loved one stay mentally sharp contact us today!

The Fit Minds algorithm creates the lesson plan which is printed and prepared by the Certified Personal Trainer for the Mind™ Coach for completion by you during the session.

cognitive stimulation therapy exercises
cognitive stimulation therapy exercise

Monthly assessment reports on cognition and engagement are provided to your family and your wellness staff. Please see samples of our Cognitive Assessment Scores.

exercise engagement scores
fit minds monthly report example
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