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I have known Janet and Peg for about a year now, and have used Fit Minds for the group program in 2 Memory Care communities. I have witnessed interactions and participation from residents who I never even thought understood, It is truly a priceless opportunity for senior living, and especially for those with dementia. And on top of all of that, everyone at Fit Minds are incredibly talented and humble individuals who I have the upmost respect for. Cheers to you, Fit Minds! I recommend this program for anyone in the senior living industry, you can thank me later!”

- Alyssa Caudle, Program Director, Inspired Living Tampa

“People with mild / moderate dementia of all types should be given the opportunity to participate in a structured group cognitive stimulation programme. This should be delivered irrespective of any anti-dementia drug received by the person with dementia.”

- The UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Guideline 42

“The face-to-face interaction, whether in a group or one on one session is what works!  You are stimulating their minds. When Howie and I do our one-on-one sessions, we also talk about things we have in common for language discussion. We form a relationship above and beyond the exercises. It’s great stimulation.”

- Peg Macaluso, Certified Cognitive Coach

“I have been in the industry for 25 years and have seen a lot of programming. Fit Minds stands head and shoulders above the rest. This is a complete solution that allows us to adapt to our clients’ individual needs and is easily executed by our staff. I saw first-hand the positive impact that the program had on my residents.”

- Caroline Proulx, Chartwell Regional Lifestyle and Program Manager

“Fit Minds is a truly unique and valuable program. They have been working with my mother for over a year. My mother has dementia, but they are able to bring life back in cognitive areas that are fading too fast. Some days they are even able to get mom to read again. Most of all they connect and engage with her on a personal level, a priceless gift. Janet, Amy, Susan, are amazing. A great opportunity for any senior, not just those with dementia.”

- Elinor Boushall

“I became motivated and more confident about engaging in cognitive activities. I started to read again! I came to understand that simply doing crossword puzzles was not enough to keep my brain healthy.”

- Marianne Matthews, Independent Living Senior and Fit Minds Client, Florida

“I’ve had the opportunity to see Fit Minds programs in action from the very start, I was impressed with the difference the Fit Minds programs made in the lives of my residents when I was the general manager at Portobello Manor. I remember with one family in particular, the improvement of her memory and the ability to interact with her kids had a huge impact on the family relationships.”

- Marie-France Lalonde, Member of Provincial Parliament, Ottawa-Orléans

“It’s evident to me that Fit Minds is committed to serving seniors 1-on-1. It is amazing to see how engaged seniors with dementia can be with cognitive stimulation. Brain health is just as important as physical health.”

- Justin Roberts

“My mom thrived with Fit Minds. She was able to do things we thought she had lost forever.”

- Marc Retzlaff, son of mother diagnosed with vascular dementia.

“I have been in the senior living industry for more than twenty years and was also a Program Specialist and Client Advocacy for the Florida Gulf Coast Alzheimer’s Association.  Fit Minds works! I love it!”

- Peg Macaluso, Certified Cognitive Coach

“Both Independent living and Assisted living residents have benefited from the FitMinds Group Sessions. It is amazing to see how engaged they are and how each one progressively tackles more complex activities. What a privilege it is work with individuals and families who value their brain fitness health!”

- Christel Augusta, Certified Cognitive Coach

“Hourly sitters or group activities are not an antidote, as they rarely offer true personal engagement. As a result, I jumped at the opportunity to try Fit Minds. My brother observed a coaching session one day, astounded at the capabilities brought out that he thought were long gone… ”

- Elinor Boushall, daughter of mom diagnosed with dementia at 74 and who is now 90.

“Our residents thoroughly enjoy both the group and individual sessions provided by Fit Minds. Not only are the activities fun and engaging but also therapeutic ultimately reaping cognitive benefit. Thank you to Janet and her amazing team!!”

- Charlie White, Executive Director, Inspired Living Tampa

“Fit Minds is an amazing program that delivers real results that matter – both for the client, the family, physicians overseeing the client’s care, etc. I work in the healthcare field and have seen firsthand the life-changing impact that this program has on people. I can’t say enough great things about it. If you are on the fence about whether or not to give it a try – just do it, and see for yourself.”

- Suzi Moreland, Community Relations Director at Allegro Hyde Park

“Our residents are LOVING Fit Minds! We are using it twice each week for both assisted living and for memory care. We have so much fun during each session; in memory care our groups just keep getting bigger! Thanks to Fit Minds, we are learning more about the cognitive abilities and inabilities of our residents.”

- Christine Baker, Director of Engagement, Anthology

“Fit Minds is committed to ensuring that we, as coaches, are continuously prepared to successfully provide the highest-level cognitive coaching for our seniors. Starting with the online certification program, progressing into hands-on training and continuing with timely personal support when needed, we have the tools to achieve results for our clients and their families.”

- Susan Nelson, Florida Certified Coach

“I cried tears of joy when I saw my mom interacting with her granddaughters… This was the first time she acted like a grandma in two years.”

- Cindy Larvie, daughter of mother diagnosed with dementia.

“My family and I are grateful to have wonderful coaches work with Mom on a weekly basis. We especially enjoy the reports that show us her engagement with various subjects and love to see how the Fit Minds staff always put a smile on her face. Thank you, Michele and Janet, for genuinely caring about Mom.”

- Christi R. Harrington, daughter of mother diagnosed with dementia

“Both coaches recently made the time to be significantly present for my mother’s birthday, and that speaks volumes. Her face lit up when she saw them arrive, as they are now an integral part of her world.”

- Elinor Boushall, daughter of mom diagnosed with dementia at 74 and who is now 90.

“Mom has been working with FitMinds for over a year now and we could not be happier. Her coach, Michele, has done far more than just working on improving or maintaining her cognitive skills, but through FitMinds has established a loving and caring friendship with her. I have such peace knowing that FitMinds is checking in with mom a couple of times a week.”

- Vicki Nelson, daughter of mother diagnosed with dementia

Fit Minds always treats their clients with respect and works with them to improve their cognition and improve quality of life.

- Physician, Tampa, FL

“I support two Fit Minds clients with very different levels of cognitive impairment by successfully tackling various Fit Minds activities, my independent living client is gaining self-confidence as well as demonstrating improved memory and verbal skills. My client in memory care displays focus and determination when completing activities.”

- Michele German, Florida Certified Fit Minds Coach

“Technology in any form can be overwhelming especially in a skilled nursing facility. However, Kerri and Janet are so supportive. They are quick to respond to questions via email or phone call. They will come to your facility as often as you need them to assist with anything from setting up the computers, to training staff and facilitating programs and assisting staff to facilitate programs.”

- Lauren Evarts, Life Enrichment Director at Sabal Palms Health Care Center

“The Fitminds program has been amazing for the residents at our community. Janet Knupp and her team take the time to develop active learning projects. Our residents who are independent living love the challenges, and we have noticed improvements with the residents who have some memory issues; especially in confidence building, socialization, and short term recall. I recommend anyone try Fit Minds!”

- Jennifer Rotunda, Executive Director at Allegro Hyde Park

“The biggest reward of working with seniors in building relationships of trust and watching them improve their cognitive abilities.”

- Amy Parmer, certified Fit Minds Coach

“Fit Minds’ coaches have been supporting Inspired Living at Tampa for years. We were one of the first communities in Florida to realize the value of cognitive stimulation! We have seen positive results for all of the residents who receive one-on-one Personal Trainer for the Mind sessions. We love that the one-on-one sessions are specific to each resident’s cognitive abilities. Fit Minds’ coaches are professional and have formed meaningful relationships with our residents as well. We loved the results we were seeing so much that we invited Fit Minds to also offer group cognitive stimulation sessions! We invite the public to come see one!”

- Johanna Maagad, Sales Director at Inspired Living Tampa

“Love the product. Our Residents Just moved in yesterday. We are just in the beginning process we are a brand-new building. I’m looking forward to using this in our memory care neighborhood and I know our engagement staff is looking forward to using this in our assisted-living.”

- Kris Cosgrove, Activity Director at Anthology of Simsbury

“Wonderful training – super helpful and easy to take and implement.”

- Megan Broadhead, certified Fit Minds Cognitive Coach, Alberta

“Fit Minds coaches care deeply about supporting seniors to retain their cognitive functioning and quality of life. I have met many of them and they are smart, professional and caring. I truly wish I knew about them for my parents.”

- Lori D'Alessio

“We have been using Fit Minds in our Memory Care community and it has been very well received by the residents and their families. It’s fun and stimulating for them and keeps them curious and involved.”

- Mary Wiley, Sales Director at Inspired Living Ivy Ridge
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