Grandchildren and Dementia

When my daughter was born on September 26, Mom spent the next six weeks with me, cooking dinner, doing laundry and caring for my daughter, Lindsay. I had a c-section so her help was very welcomed! 

Lindsay was close to Grandma from day one. While Grandma didn’t live near us, we regularly visited and although miles apart, we spent consecutive weeks and vacations together each year. Both Lindsay and my son, Alexander, were particularly close to Mom.  

Lindsay would sneak ice cream with her at night. Grandma told her, “If your mom doesn’t ask, it’s not a lie. So, you don’t have to tell her about the ice cream!” Lindsay adored her grandma. 

Two weeks after Alexander was born, we got in our car and drove to Florida to spend my maternity leave with Mom and Dad. As always, Mom was there to help (along with Dad, of course). She used to sing a Tyrolean song to Alexander while holding him on her lap.  

I couldn’t be prouder of how caring my children were to Grandma. Yes, dementia changed  their relationship, with her shifting from her caring for them to them caring for her. We accepted the ‘new Mom/Grandma’ and she still brought us joy as we brought joy to her.  


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