As We Age, We Think of Our Legacy. What Have We Left Behind?

When I was a child, Mom used to say to me that someday she would love for a building to be named after her. We must have been on a college campus. I truly don’t remember. But Mom would be so happy that her disease, Lewy Body Disease, a sister to Parkinson’s Disease and both falling under the broad umbrella of dementia, inspired me to bring Fit Minds to America. In fact, one of her friends, who was so kind to her at Allegro Hyde Park, has been a Fit Minds client because she saw the difference it made in Mom. 

As we age, we think of our legacy. What have we left behind? Mom has left hope for so many seniors and families through Fit Minds.   

In other countries, cognitive stimulation is prescribed as an evidence-based intervention to prevent and slow the onset of dementia. In fact, the United Kingdom’s National Health Guidelines prescribe cognitive stimulation in one-on-one or group sessions for anyone with a diagnosis of dementia.

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