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Meet Janet M. Knupp

Fit Minds Chief Executive Officer

Janet Knupp’s mother was diagnosed with Lewy Body, a form of dementia. This life-altering event led Janet to create and launch Fit Minds in the US in late 2016. As CEO of Fit Minds, Janet works to provide customized cognitive stimulation to improve quality of life, enable meaningful relationships with family and friends and build cognitive resilience for seniors going through similar memory loss diseases. 

As a business executive, venture philanthropist and thought leader in education, Janet has spent the majority of her career leading companies and organizations with the goal to improve performance outcomes for school districts, teachers, and students. 

A natural collaborator, she thrives in environments where she can use her influence and insight to develop a clear mission, assemble exceptional boards, attract significant capital, and move people beyond the status quo by delivering ambitious, measurable results. 

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Janet Knupp

Career Highlights

Fit Minds

• 25 year track record of transforming bold ideas into visionary strategic plans that measurably improve the lives of children, families or seniors.

• Universities and Business Schools at Harvard, University of Chicago and Northwestern have invited her more than a dozen times to be a guest speaker on topics ranging from education, turnaround management and startups.

• Two US Presidents have acknowledged Janet Knupp for her contributions to society.

• Fortune 500 CEOs, Governors, Mayors, education and health industry executives have joined her in starting-up or turning around six different organizations and companies.

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